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A special workshop at the JDS factory dedicated to the bending and bonding of plastics makes it possible to complete all aspects of a finished project, from the development to the final manufacturing stages.

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DeskGlue© technology allows us to deliver reliably reproducible, quality products on time.

This innovative technology is based on a work bench equipped for photopolymerization, dedicated tools, next generation bonding agents and more than 20 protocols for handling all bonding projects with excellent structural and esthetic results.


In addition to manufacturing safety guards, JDS SA can handle any type of project that could benefit from this technology:


  • collage-plexi 04Windows
  • Custom furniture
  • Display items
  • Businesses: display units, decorations, signs, etc.
  • Laboratory components
  • Various spare parts, etc.

A quote is produced based on the plans provided (2D and 3D CAD). Products are manufactured in compliance with the DeskGlue© protocols’ very stringent quality standards. And to conclude the project, JDS will deliver the product and complete all of the necessary assembly and adjustments onsite.